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RedEye is a company that dedicates in health care for modern human beings, specialized in detecting colon and rectum related symptoms by providing a simple and precise detection method that could be used with family bases. Instead of traditional immunochemical detection technique, RedEye uses photoelectric technology for people to perform at home, increasing detection frequency and providing a convenient and reliable methodology.

Health Measurement

How do we actually read the sign? 

As we may know, the most fundamental ways of staying healthy are keeping balanced diet, having regular bowel habit, and releasing stress appropriately. Yet, few are aware of the sign from poo or urine. All efforts mentioned before could be more effective with the aid from RedEye.

Why RedEye?

Invisible Blood in toilet could be the indicator of common digestive system diseases

What RedEye can do is to detect invisible blood from human feces or urine for even tiny trait. Differentiating from the technique that has been used widely in hospitals, RedEye can tell if there is invisible blood from excreta dissolved in the toilet water without the need to collect any samples due to the novel approach.

Why is it important?

Some numbers you might want to know 

American Cancer Society indicates the 5-year relative survival rate for people with stage I colorectal cancer is about 90%, yet for stage IV the rate drastically drops to about 11%. Also, there are about one-third of the patients are diagnosed with bowel cancer and are found that they have been on stage III or IV. RedEye's goal is to help people find out symptom earlier, followed by earlier treatment. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Keep Healthy to Make Families Happy 

 Let it see your invisible blood in toilet water at home


Nelson Yan, Ph.D./Founder & CEO

Kuan-Wei Su, Ph.D./Co-Founder

Ya-Ling Chiang, Ph.D./Application Scientist


American Cancer Society



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