A hemoglobin sensing system for home health monitoring.

Taiwan RedEye Biomedical established in July, 2017. RedEye, an innovative research team from Taiwan, has launched a hemoglobin sensing system to enable blood sensing for home health care monitoring which can help people to “see” invisible blood in excreta, to identify of early signs of disease, such as colorectal cancer, kidney disease and bladder cancer for the early warning. This is for people to decide whether to go to the hospital for re-examination or not. Transforming passivity into initiative, to achieve the effect of home health monitoring.

RedEye is the first photoelectric hemoglobin sensor in the world. There is no need to collect excreta as a specimen when using RedEye. The current immunochemical fecal occult blood test (iFOBT) must collect the fecal specimen on its own, return to the hospital, and wait for the test result, which is a loss of speed and convenience. Due to the blood is not evenly distributed on the feces, it may cause false-negative when not collected. Besides, because the tumor or polyp is intermittent bleeding, you can’t ensure if they are bleeding when you collect the specimen. It may cause false- negative. People usually test iFOBT every one or two years or even longer, potentially missing out on the golden treatment timing. Therefore, RedEye team believes that it is necessary to develop a detection technology that allows people to detect at home and easily increase the frequency of detection to effectively achieve early warning for early detection and early treatment.

Wide range of product applications and larger number of patients it touches

RedEye is a kind of optical detecting apparatus. After defecating and urinating, people can use it to detect whether there is any invisible blood in the toilet water.

Although RedEye’s product is for preventing the bladder cancer deteriorating originally, we found that it has a corresponding effect on the detecting initial symptoms and pre-warning of colorectal cancer and kidney disease after doing the research in the market. Colorectal cancer has ranked first in Taiwan for 11 consecutive years. At the same time, Taiwan has a high rate on kidney dialysis. The health insurance bureau in Taiwan has incurred enormous losses due to dialysis payments. The early symptoms of these two diseases is blood may be contained in feces or urine. If people can find the symptom earlier, they might have the chance to live longer. According to cancer statistics in the United States, colorectal cancer ranks fourth in incidence and second in mortality. If the bladder cancer and pancreatic cancer related to hematuria are included, the number of confirmed cases has exceeded the breast cancer which ranks first in incidence. 

Debut of the product in public

The Medical Taiwan which is held in Taipei World Trade Center at the end of June will be the debut of Redeye in public. They want to strive for more chances to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies and prepare for trial production in the second half of 2019. We expect that the innovative R&D products of Taiwan can have the chance to become international and contribute to biomedical and electronics industry in Taiwan.

 (source: Taiwan RedEye Biomedical Inc./ 2019 Medical Taiwan / location:A1216i)



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