Hemoglobin Sensor for Pet- to protect furkids’ health


It is common for cats to have kidney disease. Especially for the increasing of the pet’s age, the amount of having  kidney disease in cats has increased. Once cats have the kidney disease, it is hard to be rooted out. Therefore, the important thing is to do the early detection, then reduce the continuous development of disease through diet management and medicine.

It is quite difficult for vet to frequently do the urine detection.
There are two common ways to collect urine, one is to insert a catheter into the body, the other is to use the syringe to collect urine directly. However, these ways are easy to give cats enormous stress.


  • Home-used
  • Easy to use
  • Detect at anytime
  • Early detection

How to use


  • If there is any doubt about having occult blood, please go to a vet to do a further confirmation.
  • For cats, having hematuria might due to kidney disease or bladder inflammation.
  • The above introductions can also be applied to  detect dogs’ urine



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