RedEye Handheld VIS Spectrophotometer for Lab Use

$3000 $1490


    RedEye launched the handheld VIS spectrophotometer “redeye 1 Lab” (400-750nm) without the need to use a cuvette for on-site analysis of liquid solution. 


Product name: RedEye VIS Spectrophotometer

Model name: redeye 1 Lab

Trade Name: RedEye

Wavelength Range: 400-750nm

Methodology: Spectrophotometry

Spectral Resolution: 8nm

Path Length: 10mm (5mm*2 Trans-Reflective type)

Application: Liquid Analysis Light source: Light Emitting Diodes

Power: Li Battery (1500mAh)

Charging: Wireless charging

Stand: Fan drying & UV sterilizing

Fan input: 5V, 80mA

  • Liquid with high turbidity is not applicable for “redeye 1 Lab” to analyze. In case of obvious particles in liquid, RedEye provides specific filter cap (paper) to block the particles for more reliable measurement.

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