RedEye visible spectrophotometer for clinical use

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RedEye hemoglobin sensor is an ICT health promotion product and used to do the health management at home. With Redeye’s technology, the world’s first optical sensing technique, the apparatus can detect whether there is heme in the solution or not. There is no need to contact feces directly. 

Users can spend less time identifying the early stage of the disease for early warning. After getting this message, people can go to a hospital to do the re-examination to regain the initiative and then reach the goal of “early detection, early treatment”.

《This product is not classified as medical equipment. The test results can’t replace a prescription given by a doctor, nor can they be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.》


Product name: Hemoglobin sensor

Model name: redeye 1

Model name of wireless charger: redeye-S

Trade Name: RedEye

Way of charging: Wireless charging 

Place of production: Taiwan

Effective period: 5 years

Product content:

1)  Hemoglobin tester

2)  Wireless Charger

3)  Filter consumables

4)  User manual

5)  Accessories for wall mount and base